Streamline onboarding and workplace learning

Assign and schedule courses and programs, share centralised content across departments or organisations and track learner progress on onboarding programs, courses, certifications or compliance training

Evaluate the impact of learning

Create custom reports that incorporate a diverse range of conditions and filters from any existing or historical data source within the platform. Managers can track learners’ progress via their dashboard and inform improvements to the learning ecosystem.

Save time with automations

Save time with dynamic rules andautomate repetitive tasks such as enrollments or certifications plus motivate team members with automated push notification and messaging. Reward and recognise employee achievements with automated badges and diplomas.

Manage compliance

Assign courses and create recurring and automated certifications on mange compliance and regulatory training needs.

Create multiple learning platforms

Multi-tenancy architecture allows you to give multiple departments or organisations their own branded learning platform with custom permissions in the same installation.

Integrate systems

Integrate Moodle Workplace to external content repositories or other internal systems and platforms.

Compere between Moodle standard and Moodle Workplace

Empower and train your people with an engaging learning experience

Moodle’s powerful, flexible and customisable learning management system helps you deliver effective corporate training and professional development, and share knowledge across your organisation.